Set up a simple website in 2 hours

If you need a website for your organisation, get something up fast now and improve it later. If you don't have coding skills, then I would suggest you choose Wix to create your website.

If you do know how to code but are still wondering what tools you should use in 2020, I'd say go simple first and pick a Static Site Generator. This will make building the site fast, hosting the site easy and the experience for your users' speedy. I use Gatsby and most often I host the site on Netlify. If you're into continual integration, they make this setting this up the default so every time you push to Github, your site will be redeployed. To make managing content on your website less time consuming, I use a Headless CMS, Contentful. This is a solid base and if you require more complex functionality later you can add in serverless features. To get started with serverless fast AWS Amplify Framework may help you.

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