Ex 7. Record the test

Tests are best reviewed later and writing notes during tests can interupt the flow for the test user. If possible, record the test and review it later.

For services, it is easiest to record tests using a GoPro or a phone. It might feel a little unnatural at first for your test user but they will become accustomed to it fast.

For websites, you can record the screen or setup a Zoom chat, switch to screen sharing mode, and hit record.

These recording techniques also make it easier for you to not be in the room during the tests if you have managed to recruit an impartial party to conduct the test.

Reviewing live

If you are not conducting the test, you (and your team) can sit in a separate room and review the test as it is being run.

To do this for services, you'll need the recording party to use Facetime or WhatsApp or the like to video call you during the test. You would record this call on your end but also make notes during the live test.

For a website test, you can use the method I suggested above of having a Zoom call, in screen sharing mode and record the session.

For a note taking techique that might help your team review the sessions well later, consider the 'How Might We' format of note taking.

This techinque is discussed in my workshop on User Research during the 'How might we...?' section.

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