Ex 6. Write a guide

A well run prototype test requires a clear on the goal(s) for your test user.

First, decide what you are testing in this session. Write down that goal(s):

On my website, I am testing if:

  • It is clear what my workshop is about

  • It is easy to book into a workshop

  • There is enough information on the booking page

Before the test

Prepare your prototype before the test so it is in the best state possible for the test to run smoothly. Remember, your test user is giving up valuable time to do this for you so you don't want to waste their time setting stuff up whilst they are present.

During the test

When your test user arrives be sure to put them at ease by first stating:

  • Don't worry about anything you say during this session, you can't say or do anything wrong – It's only the prototype that is being tested and whatever you say or do will help us improve.

  • Throughout the test can you please speak your thoughts out loud. Try not to think about what to say or how to phrase things but rather just say what you are thinking in the moment.

Now, feed them the test instructions in order but don't provide any help beyond the statement of what you are asking them to try to do. Let's look at the test scenario goals from above and see how you might present these to a test user:

If it is clear what my workshop is about

To test this goal ask your test user to:

  • In a second I would like you to navigate to the following website "https://www.mywebsite.org".

  • When you get there I'd like you to tell me what you see and to browse the website as you might at home in order to find out what it is about.

  • Tell me what you're thinking as you browse and let me know what you think it is about.

  • Feel free to take any actions on the site and let me know why you are taking those actions.

Once that action has been completed, move on to:

It is easy to book into a workshop

To test this goal simply ask them to book into a workshop on a specific date. Once again, remind them to say out loud what they are thinking as they do this.

If they struggle acheiving a goal, resist the temptation to step in and help.

There is enough information on the booking page

For this final goal you would simply ask if they have all the information they would need in order to be able to move forward with the booking and attend the session.

Avoid temptation

It is extremely tempting during the test to help or nudge the test user. Resist this urge.

If you are able to, this works better if you get an impartial party to conduct the test for you. You would provide the test conductor with the interview guide.

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